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Birthday wishes for 11 year old son

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Birthday wishes for 11 year old son
December 12, 2018 Kids Thanks 1 comment

Birthday wishes meant for school children don’t have to be tricky or hard to create. They can be as fun, diverse, and sentimental as the children you give them to. Birthdays are special occasions that only come once each year, and a child’s birthday is even more special because they only grow up once.

Children are the future and giving a memorable wish on a child’s birthday can give any child the joy and fun of looking forward to many more birthdays ahead. Whether you are a friend, a teacher, parent, or sibling, giving a customized birthday wish or quote can mean the world to any child on his or her birthday. These birthday wishes can bring joy, laughter, and more, so be sure to give the best birthday wish to that special child by using one of the following wishes.

Happy 6th Birthday!

Happy 6th  Birthday Wishes for a 6-year-old

  • Want to know what is better than birthday cake on your birthday? All the gifts. Hoping you get everything you desire on your big day this year! Happy birthday.
  • I look forward to this day each year as much as you- Happy birthday to a very special you!
  • Your smile and laughter is brighter than the rainbow in the sky, so this year on your birthday don’t be shy. Have fun and eat lots of cake. Happy birthday!
  • Congrats to you, you’re a year older. Happy birthday!
  • We’re all here to lift you up today the way you always lift us up with your smile. Happy birthday, honey.

Happy 7th  Birthday Wishes for a 7-year-old

  • You are the best student, sibling, friend, and child I’ve ever known. It’s because you are always the best you! Happy birthday, wishing you all my love and support on this special day.
  • Who is the best? Who out-does all the rest? You do! It’s you! Happy birthday and congrats on your big day.
  • Take a peek out the window, all the birds and trees are dancing it up because it’s your birthday! Wishing you the best one yet.

Happy 7th Birthday!

  • You are a great gift to all around you, so today I hope that you get all the gifts your heart desires. Happy birthday to a wonderful you!
  • Wishing you endless wealth, happiness, joy, and laughter on this special day of yours- you deserve the world and more! Happy birthday, you’re the best.

Happy 8th  Birthday Wishes for a 8-year-old

  • Wishing that with every gift you unwrap each of your biggest dreams comes true. You deserve it because you are so awesome. Happy birthday to you!
  • Happy Children on their Special Day Kids Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Let’s get this party started already! After all, I’ve waited 364 days to say one thing: happy birthday!
  • When life gives you lemons you always know what to do- happy birthday to the best kid around.
  • You’re awesome. You’re amazing. You’re the best! Can you tell how excited I am? It’s because it’s your birthday. Congrats to you!
  • You work hard, love fearlessly, give freely, and always believe the best in people. That’s why you are going to go so far in life. Cheers to you as you embrace the journey. Happy birthday.
  • From your Hi-Tech Grandma and Grandpa: Birthday Wishes for my Grandson

Happy 8th Birthday!

Happy 9th  Birthday Wishes for a 9-year-old

  • On your birthday this year I wish you more than cake, gifts, and surprises. I wish you good health, happiness, and inspiration for the next chapter. Happy birthday to you. Never forget how special you are.
  • 50 Amazing Wishes for Kids

    Browse through our wonderful collection of 11th birthday wishes. Check out our adorable happy birthday messages and cards. Find the perfect way to send an 11-year-old birthday boy or girl the best birthday message. Finally 11, big day today huh? It has grown so much. From a little crybaby, small enough to fit in one arm, it is now in the last year of elementary school. In its last year of childhood, just before puberty strikes, the only thing certain is that change is near, its body will change, its school environment will change, most likely its attitude will change, and having gone through that phase, and most likely as have you, it is obvious that its scared. For most people change is scary, not knowing what to expect is scary, growing up is scary. But it gets much easier if you have someone to guide you through the chaos. And in this case, it’s you! As someone, most likely older than him/her, having gone through that phase, giving it a new perspective on the matter, or even maybe a few kind words of wisdom and inspiration, will help out a lot in the rough days to come. So why wait? Start from today, with an exceptional wish to start off its year on the right foot.

    • In numerology, the number 11 is considered a master number. Only fitting for the master of 11-year-olds! Happy birthday!
    • The number 11, the number of rebellion, and you, the rebellious 11 year old. Such a fitting pair don’t you think? So, I say you should honor the deal. No matter what your parents say, keep being rebellious, keep doubting everything, because of that, is the path to true knowledge. Never become one with the mass, that, my dear, is my truest of wishes. Happy birthday.
    • At the eleventh hour of elementary school, it’s your last attempt to become the best person you can possibly be, so you can embrace the tough times that lay ahead. Thus, my wish to you is to never stop improving yourself, never give up on your dreams, because they are right in front of you, all you have to do is that little extra step to reach them. It may take a year, a decade, a lifetime, but never give up. Happy birthday!
    • My dear child, now that you turn 11, you are one step closer to becoming a person that has done great things, hope you become as famous as Apollo 11! Happy birthday my lovely future moon explorer!
    • As you begin to explore the world, many answers will arise that you will not be able to answer straight out, but, knowing how amazing of a child you are, I am certain that with enough patience and courage, all you want to know about life will be answered to an extent, so never stop learning, never stop wondering, never stop asking questions, never stop having fun, because that, is what makes life interesting. Happy birthday!
    • Having gone through what you are going right now, I know you are striving to become independent, and that is a good thing, we all want to be standing on our own two feet, but, don’t hurry to grow up so much, enjoy your childhood a bit more, because these, are the moments you are going to miss as a teenager, and even more as an adult, the days of absolute freedom, so enjoy them while you still can! Happy birthday!
    • On your last year as a pre-teenager, engaging into new adventures as puberty strikes, I want you to remember that no matter how rough things may seem, there is always a bright side, these years will be as tough as they are lovely, because change is coming, and I promise you it’s for the better. Happy birthday!
    • At this age, you probably know already what is “cool” and what is not, not that you need any help, you see the coolest person on earth just by looking at the mirror, so, my wish for you is to never stop being this cool, and to only become more awesome than you already are. Happy birthday!
    • If this day was an object, it would be a door, leading you from elementary school to junior high. To new adventures, meeting new people, new teachers, new school, but hopefully, one thing stays the same. And that is your amazing character. Happy birthday!


    • Finally 11. Wow, what can I say? It seems like yesterday when I saw your mother holding you in her arms, and I thought that I’ve never seen her smile so radiantly, yet today, at your amazing birthday party, I am sure her smile will be even bigger because nobody can help but smile at your presence. That is how much everyone loves you, and I truly hope, that this love will only continue to grow as you do. Happy birthday!
    • As you blow the eleven candles of your birthday cake tonight, I hope you have not one, but eleven wishes! And I truly hope that all of them come true. Because you deserve to have everything you desire, just because you’ve given so much happiness to everyone around you. And I’d like to think that you will continue to do, for as long as you live. Happy birthday!
    • I know that when you were smaller you’d like to have been a superhero or a king/queen by this age, but for better or worse, you get to be a junior high school student in a bit. So instead, go be a super student! Not for your parents, but for you. I know that homework is lame and school is boring, but with the right friends, and the right teachers, even school can be super fun, so why not try and make the most out of it? Go and conquer your school the way only you can do it! By being amazing and making everybody like you. Although, there will always be haters, so just learn to ignore them. And that, my love, is the key to success. Happy birthday!


    • As you have probably noticed, usually 1+1=2, but for today 1+1=11. Because this day is so celebration-worthy, that even the rules must be changed to celebrate your birthday! So, bring out the cake, light up the music, and let the candy flow like a river. Because we have the best 11 year old in town right here!
    • As you my dear turn eleven,
      There is a party even in heaven!
      Even the angels rejoice,
      Because when your parents decided to have you, it was the correct choice!
      Happy birthday!
    • Elegant, Lovely, Extraordinary, Vibrant, Energetic, Nice, these are only some of the good qualities you have by being the most amazing ELEVEN years old on the planet! Happy birthday!


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    year-olds are very special for they can already tell how important becoming 12 is on their lives. For the past 11 years, my love for you grows deeper and stronger. To my adorable and good-looking son, happy 12th birthday to you.

    Birthday Wishes for Son: It is just not enough to buy a stock greeting card for your son to wish him a Happy Birthday. Write a sweet personalized message or a touching quote to show him how much mom and dad cherish his presence in their lives. Whether your son is an adorable preteen, rebellious teenager or a young adult trying to carve out his own path in life – stay away from the cliché rhymes. Be creative and pen down something from your own heart. You’ll be amazed at how your son will be able to emotionally relate to the words that you’ve written. Follow your wishes up with a post on Facebook, cute tweets and maybe even a funny text. If your son is just a toddler, save your card as a keepsake in a separate drawer. Give it to him when he grows older. He’ll have tears of happiness as he reads the beautiful words and reflects back on his childhood.


    1) Our whole world can be summed up in just three letters – SON. Happy birthday.


    2) We always thought that miracles happened to one in a billion. We never imagined that we would be the lucky chosen ones until we had you as our dear son. Happy birthday.


    3) As you blow the candle on your cake, just remember that your love is the candle that will forever glow in our hearts. Happy birthday.


    4) All of it – is the only place you have in my heart. Happy birthday son.


    5) Regardless of whether you are an old man or a young teenage boy, you will forever remain our little bundle of joy. Happy birthday son.

    6) My son… your eyes give me the will to fight back, even when everything goes off-track. Your hugs give me a reason to smile, even when problems pile. Your love is what keeps me going, it is what keeps my heart beating. Happy birthday.


    7) On the day we got married, our lives were happy. On the day you were born, we became in-sync with our destiny. Now that you are growing up, our lives have become meaningful. You are the reason, why everything is so beautiful. Happy birthday son.


    8) Whenever life gives you a hard time, come give us a hug. No matter what you do or how old you become, for us you’ll always be our little son. Happy birthday.


    9) When you were a toddler I never wanted to let you go from my arms. Even though you were small, everyone succumbed to your charms. When you started growing up I never wanted to let you out of my sight. Even though you hated it, I hugged you often with all my might. When you became a teenager I never wanted to see you go away. But as you turn eighteen, I am bracing myself to see that fateful day. Happy birthday son.


    10) Dear son, you are the only reason we look forward to life with a smile and you will be the only reason we look back on life with a smile. Happy birthday.

    11) The most precious memories and the happiest moments of my life revolve around the smiles and laughs of just one person – my son. Happy birthday.


    12) Sons like you should be called Suns because you are literally the bright daylight in our lives. Happy birthday.


    13) On your birthday we wish you nothing but luck and happiness. We hope you fulfill all your dreams and surge ahead in the direction of success. Happy birthday son.

    14) We are old school, so we will hug you on your birthday instead of pressing the like button on your Facebook and we will sing you Happy Birthday instead of tagging you in tweets on Twitter. Happy birthday son.


    15) Our toddler, you will always be. A piece of our hearts, you will always be. The apple of our eyes, you will always be. Our life’s purpose, you will always be. Happy birthday, sonny.

    16) No matter how much we scold you always remember that behind the temporary drops of anger there is an ocean of eternal love just waiting to embrace you. Happy birthday son.


    17) I always thought that I would be a role model for my own son. But little did I ever imagine that one day, my son would be a role model for me. Happy birthday sonny.


    18) Dear son, you are our life’s most awesome home run. Happy birthdays.


    19) No matter how old you grow, our love for you will always show. No matter where you are, ours will be the best wishes by far. No matter how rich you become, you will always remain our little son. Happy birthday.


    20) Son… you make every single day of my life feel like Mother’s Day. Happy birthday.

    21) A room in our home and a space in our hearts, will be filled with a vacuum as your college starts. Happy birthday son.


    22) You are getting taller and taller with each birthday. Thank god you are showing at least some sign of growing up. Happy birthday.


    23) Whenever you face life’s storms, just remember our hugs that were warm. Whenever you face difficulty, just think about the love of your family. Whenever you face hurdles, look back at your childhood, so special. Whenever you feel lonely, just think of mommy and daddy. We love you, happy birthday son.


    24) The sitcom of our life became a blockbuster hit after you came in a supporting role and later took over as the lead. Happy birthday sonny.


    25) We knew that our message would be lost among the heaps of birthday wishes you would get on Facebook. So here’s a plain old reliable handmade card from your plain old and reliable parents. Happy birthday.

    26) Eternal love, unlimited attention, limitless pampering, endless affection. Everlasting care, perpetual concern, unending support, for you dear son. Happy birthday.


    27) Your birthday is a reminder that you have grown up and you are ready to start paying all your personal bills yourself from now onwards. Happy birthday son.


    28) The sweet flavor of your cake represents the sweetness you have infused in our lives and its icing represents how you have become the pinnacle of our happiness. Happy birthday son.


    29) I may have taught you to become a good student, good citizen, good sportsperson and a good mate. But you my son, have taught me the most important thing of all – how to become an amazing father. Happy birthday.


    30) A son is the best asset any parent can have to offset life’s liabilities of life. From you, we keep reaping the rewards and gains of the purest love there can ever be. Happy birthday.

    31) The best part of having an amazing son, is that all of life’s shortcomings come undone. Happy birthday.


    32) When your mother was pregnant we asked God to give us a child who grows up to become honest, hard working and successful. You are living proof that God does answer prayers. Happy birthday son.


    33) Don’t you dare tell us to stop bringing you a birthday cake just because you are older now. You are never too old to be treated like a toddler by your parents. Happy birthday sonny.


    34) Every father secretly wishes that his son grows taller, and wiser than him. Congratulations – at least you’ve grown taller. Happy birthday.


    35) The only topic on which your mother and I have fought endlessly is deciding on who loves you more – and we are still fighting because both of us adore you from the core of our hearts. Happy birthday son.

    36) I felt excited, when you clutched my fingers for the first time ever. I smiled, because I realized that I finally became a father. I laughed, when you started growing up into a little boy. Today I am so happy, because you fill my life with joy. Happy birthday son.


    37) It is great to have a son who you can love. But it is the best feeling in the world when your son loves you back endlessly. Happy birthday to one such son.


    38) Before you were born we could never imagine our lives as parents. Now we can never imagine living our lives without being parents to a son as adorable as you. Happy birthday.


    39) As husband and wife we never knew that apart from each other, there was someone else who could come into our lives, steal our hearts and we would still be okay with it. Happy birthday son.


    40) Now that you are growing up and demanding that we treat you as a young adult, you might as well as start taking up responsibility around the house, don’t you think? Now go mow the lawn, happy birthday.

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    Dear Luke,

    It’s so cliché to say, but time really does fly. I can still clearly remember sitting down at my computer to type my letter to you for your second birthday, and here I am doing it again for your third. 

    I’ve been pondering what I want to say to you this year—what wisdom I want to impart, what dreams I have for your year ahead. 

    Ultimately I’ve concluded that what I wish for you right now, as you turn 3 years old, is that you HOLD ON.

    Hold on to your kindness, for the world will try to steal it.

    Oh Luke, you are such a sweet boy. And not just when you cuddle with Daddy or whisper, “I love you, Mommy” unprompted; your kind and gentle spirit extends to your peers too.

    Why, just last week I heard you sweetly ask one friend, “Would you like to play hide-and-seek with me?” and to another you said, “May I sit next to you, please?”

    This is more than just good manners (though I sincerely hope you hold on to those too). It is your deep and genuine kindness at play. 

    The sad news is this: Without a doubt, the world will try to squash it. It will tell you that nice guys finish last, which in some ways is true. If you hold on to your kind spirit, you probably will never be as rich as Donald Trump or in the spotlight as much as Tom Brady—and thank God for that.

    Hold on to your kindness, and you will be so much better.

    Hold on to your excitement, because too many people grow up to be bored and dull. 

    The world is an exciting place, and right now you appreciate that more than anyone else I know. 

    I see it in the way you flap your arms with elation when we walk by a construction site (“Look, Mommy, it’s an excavator!”) or when you squeal with joy at adding one more block to the skyscraper of a tower you’re building. 

    I see it in the way you start running laps around the kitchen—your excitement energizing your entire body—when I say you can have a cupcake for dessert or that your aunts are coming for a visit tomorrow. 

    These sorts of things are meant to excite us, yet the excitement of childhood rarely lasts. The monotonous responsibities of adulthood can quickly make life seem boring: Go to work, clean your house, do your laundry, repeat. 

    But hold on to your excitement, and life will never be dull—and neither will you. 

    Hold on to your inquisitiveness, for it will always serve you well.

    Admittedly, sometimes it’s annoying when you ask “WHY?” over and over again. 

    But when I stop and actually try to answer your questions and explain things to you, you listen with every ounce of your attention. I see the wheels turning as you process every word I say, be it about why the sky is blue or why there aren’t real dinosaurs at the zoo. 

    You are so eager for knowledge right now. You are a sponge absorbing every drop of new information. 

    Hold on to that thirst for learning, son. It will help you in school, yes, but also far beyond it. 

    People who long for understanding are usually the ones who get it; people who are always open to new ideas are usually the people who have them. I want you to be one of those people. 

    Hold on to your incredible ability to weather life’s transitions, because that’s a skill many adults are still seeking. 

    This was quite a year for you. 

    There was your first day of preschool.

    There was the start of organized activities, like swimming lessons and toddler soccer. 

    And the biggest transition of all—the arrival of your baby sister and your official promotion to BIG BROTHER!

    You have not merely survived these changes; you have thrived in them. 

    Hold on to your ability to do that, son, because life is famous for throwing us curveballs, and the best thing you can do is keep taking them in stride. 

    Hold on to your faith in me, because I’ll always try to be better for you.

    Oh, Luke, I’m already messing up as your mom.

    Like the time last week you threw a tantrum solely because you were extremely overtired—which I knew, and was mostly responsible for—and yet in the moment I handled it all wrong.

    Or the time I desperately wanted to get some work done so I let you watch way too many episodes of Super Why while I typed away on the computer.

    I’m nowhere close to the perfect mom, but I do believe I am the perfect mom for you.

    And believe me, son, I am always trying to be better for you. I am always working to challenge my own weaknesses—my general lack of patience, my Type-A desire to have everything planned out, my tendency to give in to your incessant requests for chocolate, and on and on and on—in the hopes that your life will be better for it. 

    My promise to you is that I will never stop trying. 

    Hold on to my hand, because neither one of us is ready to let go just yet. 

    When I re-read the letter I wrote for your second birthday, I was shocked at how much you’ve developed this past year—how much more independent you are. 

    My heart both soars and aches to realize how much more independent you’ll grow over the next 12 months. 

    As you navigate these important preschool years, I hope you’ll keep reaching for my hand, and I’ll keep holding on tight to it.

    For we will blink and it will be time to let go. 

    Let’s not rush it. Let’s not let go too soon. 

    Happy 3rd birthday, Luke! You are so very loved!

    What do you want your children to hold on to even as they grow up?


    WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: 1st Birthday Wishes and Cute Baby Birthday Messages, WhatsApp & FaceBook Video

    You are just eleven years of age, so have lots of fun and party a lot like there's no tomorrow. Happy 11th Birthday baby. I hope you won't take up any bad habit my son.

    Happy 11th Birthday Wishes










    11th Birthday Wishes

    1. I would like to say happy
    birthday to my sweetest daughter.
    She has the spirit for days and
    she is truly different.
    I am very pleased by her for forbearing
    herself and being the best she can be.


    2. On your 11th birthday,
    I just want to remind you
    that you are the best person
    I have ever met in my whole life.
    you have changed my life
    and I will never forget that.
    Happy birthday to you my truest friend.


    3. Here's wishing a happy
    11th birthday to the most
    charming, funny attractive and
    rocking personalty in town.
    Have a great day.


    4. You are your grandfather's
    favorite grandchild.
    You are your aunt's favorite niece.
    You are your friend's best.
    But most importantly,
    you are our heart's biggest piece.
    Happy 11th birthday..


    5. Happy 11th birthday my dear friend
    Some things get better with age
    you're one of them!


    6. We biker, we fall out, we quarrel,
    we fight, we argue, we scream, we cheat,
    we are best friends on the same team.
    Happy 11th birthday!


    7. May everyday bring something new
    and exciting for you.
    May this birthday turn out
    to be as amazing as you.
    Happy 11th birthday..!


    8. On your birthday today,
    we hope that your happy
    times multiply, depressing
    times divide, success add up
    and frustrations get subtracted.
    Wishing you happy 11th birthday girl.




    11th Birthday Wishes for Son:


    1. You are wished
    an extra special birthday
    because you are extra special.
    Happy 11th birthday dear son.


    2. Birthdays come and go,
    everyone grows up a year
    every year, and gifts are opened
    and thrown but I want that my
    birthday wishes stay with you forever.
    Happy 11th birthday!


    3. I have sent you three balloons
    with three wishes for you on
    your 11th birthday.
    First, I wish that this birthday
    guides you something unique and graceful.
    Second, I wish that you have a special day
    that you never forget in your life
    And third, I wish that such days keep
    coming in every single day.




    11th Birthday Wishes for Daughter


    1. With love daughter on your 11th birthday
    A daughter is a precious gift
    sent from heaven above,
    the joy she brings is endless
    and she fills your heart with love..
    You're so very special,
    So generous and kind.
    A more caring, loving daughter
    would be impossible to find..


    2. Right from the very first time
    we held you in our arms,
    we knew you were special.
    Today we find ourselves really
    happy to see you grown up so beautifully..
    Happy 11th birthday to the little princess.


    3. It's a joy to have a daughter
    who's as wonderful as you,
    who brings so much sunshine
    everyday all year through..
    It's a joy to wish you everything
    that you are dreaming of,
    and to make this wish always
    with very special love.
    Happy 11th birthday dear!


    4. I look at you and I see my past,
    present and future.
    I see my little
    girl dressing and covering
    her face with makeup.
    I see you running in the garden,
    picking flowers and bringing one to me.
    I see that beautiful smile
    on your face and knowing in that
    moment the pride of being a parent.
    No matter how old you are,
    you will always be my baby girl.
    I am so proud of you and I will love
    you with all I am for all eternity.
    Happy 11th birthday my dear child.






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    birthday wishes for 11 year old son

    11th Birthday Wishes for son and daughter, each quote in this page is dedicated for 11th birthday wishes only, share it with your friends Wishing you happy 11th birthday girl. every year, and gifts are opened No matter how old you are.

birthday wishes for 11 year old son
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