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Birthday wishes to a friend poems

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Birthday wishes to a friend poems
June 26, 2019 Teacher Thanks 1 comment

Birthday Poems


Looking for unique birthday poems? You have come to the right place. To wish a very special "happy birthday" to a loved one, below are clever, cool, cute, funny, happy, inspirational, romantic and sentimental poems for birthdays to set you on the right track. 

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Birthday Poems
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Birthday Poems

What are the best clever birthday poems for a card or eCard? The best are birthday poems that contain clever twists or turns of phrase (nothing too cryptic, of course).

For some ideas, check out the clever birthday poem examples below:

By Kevin Nishmas

You're happy and young at heart,
Your energy knows no bounds,
You make us all look ancient,
It's time to nap and slow down.

You're full of piss and vinegar,
All set to spring into action,
We all feel old next to you,
Stop or you'll end up in traction.

We are not really complaining,
We're just a bunch of old farts,
We secretly wish we were you,
You're happy and young at heart.

By Kevin Nishmas

Happy birthday!

I have many friends,
But one above the rest,
That one is you,
You are simply the best.

It's a friend like you,
In good times and bad,
Who asks for nothing,
Yet offers a hand.

Wherever I go in life,
There's only one thing to do,
I must have a big heart,
And be a friend like you.

By Nixon Waterman

This is a clever birthday poem because it brilliantly uses turns of phrase to show that we are all the same underneath, although we are unique individuals.

It's a beautiful birthday wish for someone special, perhaps your brother or sister who may not fully understand you...or vice versa.

Happy birthday!

"If I knew you and you knew me,
If both of us could clearly see,
And with an inner sight divine,
The meaning of your heart and mine.

I'm sure that we would differ less,
And clasp our hands in friendliness.
Our thoughts would pleasantly agree,
If I knew you and you knew me."

By Kevin Nishmas

Welcome to the metal age,
You have solid gold for teeth,
Brilliant silver for hair,
And steel joints underneath. 

Your body is always aching,
That is not a reason to pout,
Be glad you still have stamina,
To blow all your candles out.


Birthday Poems

When should you use cool birthday poems? The best time to use them is with truly "hip" birthday gals and guys. Typically, they can quickly appreciate the "cool" factor of just about anything. 

What makes a birthday poem cool? Any verse that makes you say "wow" to yourself. Below are examples of cool birthday poems to get you started:

By Kevin Nishmas

Be the best you can be,
Imagine what you can do,
Remember who you are,
There's nobody like you,
Honor your past,
Dwell on your heart,
All you need is love,
Your birthday is a start.

By Kevin Nishmas

It's your birthday again,
Time to wish you good things,
May you see the wonder,
And the joy a birthday brings. 

To you, I wish the best of health,
And the best of luck in all you do,
Mostly I wish you love,
For a life that's pure and true.

By Kevin Nishmas

On your birthday every year,
I thank God you were born,
For without you in my life,
My love would be forlorn.

As each year brings new tests,
Sometimes I just want to hide,
You bring me out of my darkness,
I'm glad you're by my side.

Happy birthday!


Birthday Poems

What are the best cute birthday poems? Cute poems are, by nature, a very, very sweet way to wish "Happy Birthday" to someone very special.

That said, you should not be too cute with your birthday poems. Just a dash of cuteness goes a long way. Below are cute birthday poems to get you started:

By Kevin Nishmas

What a day to be happy,
And smile the whole way through,
Today is your big birthday,
A special one just for you.

Blow out all your candles,
Make your wishes come true,
Eat slice after slice of cake,
Nothing is too good for you.

By Kevin Nishmas

May your birthday be epic,
May you never settle for less,
May your special day be special,
May you be blessed with the best.

May your dreams never die,
May your wishes come true,
May your birthday be ageless,
May you be born anew.


Birthday Poems

What are the best funny birthday poems? Firstly, funny poems do not need to be "laugh out loud" hilarious. Funny birthday poems merely need to elicit a giggle or two.

Your ultimate goal is to make the birthday boy or girl happy. With this objective in mind, glance at the poems below for inspiration: 

By Kevin Nishmas


When you start to see your youth fade,
And your looks have seen better days,
I'll be here to say you're sexy,
Even when your nose hair is gray.

You may not be over the hill,
But you say "in my day" too much,
When you're not clubbing at Costco,
You're napping right after brunch.

You may be older than you think,
But you still have lots more time,
Celebrate each and every day,
Just don't nod off before nine.

By Kevin Nishmas


You might say we're long in the tooth,
Eating chewy food is a nightmare,
We can't sink our teeth into a steak,
Because they will just stay there.  

Our aches and pains are worse,
We feel and look like hell,
BENGAY is now our BFF,
And the best cure for old man smell.

Sleeping through the night is tricky,
It's now our Achilles' heel,
Taking a nap anywhere helps,
Except when we're behind the wheel. 

We tend to forget names and faces,
Senior moments are now our friend,
We wish people wore name tags,
But we always forget to ask them.

By Kevin Nishmas


You know all the elevator tunes,
You hate what's on Billboard's charts,
You think today's music is pure trash,
You crave The Beatles like an old fart.

You don't know the names of bands,
Yet you still feel like a swinger,
Don't let folks call you a hippie,
Peace out and give them the finger.

By Kevin Nishmas

So what if you're getting older,
There are worse things to be,
Like a goofy, pimply teenager,
With zero self-esteem.

So what if you got a few wrinkles,
There are worse things to have,
Like a case of the twentysomethings,
And a room at Mom and Dad's.

To me, you're simply wonderful.
Everything about you is just right,
So have a happy birthday,
And let's party all night.

By Kevin Nishmas

Happy birthday!

Wow, another birthday is here,
What can I really say?
You look pretty good,
Even with a touch of gray. 

Your eyes are still so blue,
You're still so kind and mellow,
Your smile is just as infectious,
Even though your teeth are yellow.

Yes, this birthday is grand,
Your life's as good as gold,
But you can't fool Mother Nature,
You are still getting old.


Birthday Poems

How do you write a happy birthday poem? The key ingredient is a sense of joy, so your happy birthday poems do not have to be inspirational or sentimental in nature. Your poetry only needs to bring joy to the birthday girl or boy.

What brings joy? It depends on what you think will cheer up the recipient of the happy birthday poem, so this is your call. This is easier than you think — you'll know the right poem when you see it. Below are happy birthday poems to give you some ideas:

By Kevin Nishmas

A cheery "hello" on your birthday,
And wishes for everything bright,
May you know only joy and wonder,
Morning, noon and night.

Happy birthday!

By Kevin Nishmas

Another year has passed,
Your birthday is here,
May this year bring joy,
Twelve months you hold dear.

Follow your true bliss,
Achieve all you can,
Dream the good dream,
Create a new plan.

This year will be great,
This I wish for you,
You deserve all you want,
May your dreams come true.

By Kevin Nishmas

My fondest wishes are for you,
Since today's your special day,
May every dream you chase,
Come true and never stray.

You are so special to me,
You deserve the best of all,
May your birthday be ageless,
May you know joy big and small.

By Kevin Nishmas

Wishing you the best,
Day in and day out,
May you find great joy,
May you twist and shout.

Be grateful for life,
Thank heaven above,
Fill your days with hope,
Know that you are loved.

By Kevin Nishmas

Happy birthday!

You deserve the very best,
All the special things in life,
Whatever makes you happy,
Whatever feels just right.

I want these gifts to be yours,
Each and every day,
To them I add love and peace,
Above all on your birthday.


Birthday Poems

What makes a birthday poem inspirational? Inspirational birthday poems, like beauty, are in the eyes of the beholder. Since you know your loved ones well, you are the best person to choose the right inspirational birthday poems for them.

All you need to do is write or pick inspirational birthday poems that have uplifting, life-changing birthday messages. Sounds daunting? It isn't. Below are inspirational birthday poems to, well, inspire you:

By Kevin Nishmas

I wish you saw what I can see,
I see a heart so full of love,
I see eyes so hopeful and wise,
And I know what you're made of.

I wish you saw what I can see,
I see promise a mile long,
I see unvisited, distant strength,
And I know in you travels a song.

I wish you saw what I can see,
I see it's not yet real for you,
But I see what I see as your fate,
And I know one day you'll see it too.

By Kevin Nishmas

Hope you have the best birthday,
With laughter that never fades,
Every moment matters,
That's how memories are made.

Wishing you joy and wonder,
Here's to your amazing health,
May you always see beauty,
There is more to life than wealth.

By Kevin Nishmas

Happy birthday!

Now's a great age to take chances,
And do all you want to do,
Your creativity knows no bounds,
What you need is right in you. 

Your wisdom is wiser than ever,
Your spirit is bolder than bold,
Your humor is more humorous,
There's just no time to be old.

By Kevin Nishmas

As you grow up, may you find...
Hope before despair,
Passion before boredom,
Love before loss,
Joy before sorrow,
Peace before turmoil,
And only happy birthdays ever after.

By Kevin Nishmas

I know you can do it,
If you would only try,
It's mind over matter,
There is no better high.

You must forget yourself,
And let go of what's dear,
You'll see beyond the noise,
You will conquer your fear.

If you're afraid to fail,
Know you are not alone,
Even the brave fight fear,
We all dread the unknown.

But you truly stand out,
The world needs what you bring,
When it's your turn to shine,
Reach out for the brass ring.

Climb the wall before you,
Build a bridge to cloud nine,
Unsteady ground you'll tread,
It will be worth your time.


Birthday Poems

What are the best romantic birthday poems? My personal favorites are romantic poems that truly express what's in your heart. But there is one thing in common all romantic birthday poems share: the ability to set the right romantic mood.

Since our romantic feelings may shift over time, there's no one-size-fits-all romantic birthday poem. Below are examples that run the gamut from slightly romantic to full-blown sappy to give you a few ideas:

By Kevin Nishmas

Dreaming of you is divine,
You give me so much pleasure,
I want to be with you now,
You are my special treasure.

May we celebrate all night,
I'm into all that you do,
Let's make today so steamy,
That's my birthday wish for you.

By Kevin Nishmas

It was a spark at first,
A glow I couldn't see,
It flickered in my heart,
This crazy love in me.

It soon became a fire,
A fierce flame so carefree,
Scorching my deep heartache,
This crazy love in me.

Now a blaze of sunshine,
A beam of warmth so true,
A slow, searing, kind burn,
This crazy love is you.

By Kevin Nishmas

Happy birthday, my love,
You're the castle around my heart,
Part fortress, part ivory tower,
'Til never do we part.

You crossed the moat of my soul,
And led me to parts unknown,
To an isle full of joy,
A middle age all our own.

For me, there's nothing between us,
Except warmth, love and laughter,
You're the dream beyond my walls,
My object of bliss forever after.

By Kevin Nishmas

Happy birthday!

Sweet like a honey drop,
As loving as can be,
A heart the size of an ocean,
A soul filled with glee.

You're not just a siren song,
You're a lifelong symphony,
Your rhythm moves me,
To rise up, dance and sing.

I'm glad you were born today,
My beautiful birthday boy,
You make my life stunning,
And fill it with such joy.

Below is a verse I adapted from John Lennon's song, Across the Universe, which appears on the album Let It Be by The Beatles. when you read it, you'll know why I consider it one of the most romantic birthday messages on this site.

These lyrics will show your "special someone" the depth of your love for him or an elegantly romantic way. Let the birthday Beatle-love-fest begin!


Birthday Poems

When is the right time to use a sentimental birthday poem? When you want to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, sentimental birthday poems are ideal.

The best sentimental birthday poems evoke a sense of joy and nostalgia at the same time. Below are examples of sentimental birthday poems that should give you a good start:

By Kevin Nishmas

You arrived before me,
Forged a path all alone,
You were, you are, the first,
My brother I call home.

You were once so distant,
An island all your own,
You soon came into view,
My brother I call home.

We grew ever closer,
Fleeing the unknown,
Bridging every gap,
My brother I call home.

With no walls between us,
With paths yet to roam,
With you I will travel,
My brother I call home.

By Kevin Nishmas

Even when I'm hanging by a thread,
And I don't want to let go at all,
I can still release my grip to fate,
Because I know you will catch my fall.

Even when I'm walking on thin ice,
And there's simply nowhere to run,
You take me to kinder, higher ground,
Where brave souls and wild hearts are one.

Even when I need to stand my ground,
And I only have one leg to stand on,
I lean on you for strength and faith,
Braving the struggle until it's gone.

Even when my cup has runneth over,
And I cannot take another drop,
You gladly give me your own glass,
Infused with love and filled to the top.

By Kevin Nishmas

There's one gift you cannot buy,
A buried treasure precious and true,
It's the gift of a close, kind friend,
Exactly what I have in you.

We've shared each other's joys,
And cried on each other's shoulders,
These are our precious moments,
That make us stronger, even bolder.

So I wish you "Happy birthday,"
With all my heart and soul,
We'll be best friends forever,
Two halves of one fabulous whole.

By Kevin Nishmas

You're my little sister,
Younger only by birth,
Nobody is like you,
Nobody on this earth.

There's only one you,
You are a precious flower,
The find you least expect,
The bloom that empowers.

There's no need to change you,
You are as you should be,
You are love uncontained,
Boundless hope forever free.

You were born a blessing,
Beautiful from the start,
You're my little sister,
Evermore in my heart.

By Kevin Nishmas

You live for the chase,
Keen to run all day long,
Free from the thought of rest,
You know you can do no wrong.

You savor each step of the way,
Bending to each twist and turn,
Your head's deep in the game,
You can feel your spirit burn. 

Even close to the finish line,
Fierce enough to win the race,
Your heart's set on running,
You live for the chase.

By Kevin Nishmas

Your special day comes once a year,
It's 24 hours of celebrating you,
I'm not sure about most things,
But this much I know is true.

Your birthday is a gift of love,
Some believe it's heaven sent,
I think it's a gift you give yourself,
A day you do all you've dreamt.

So I wish you "happy birthday,"
Because you deserve to be,
Every moment all day long,
Blessed, loved and carefree.

By Kevin Nishmas

When I wish you "happy birthday,"
There's so much more I want to say,
Though it's hard to utter the words,
Nothing's going to stop me today.

When I wish you "happy birthday,"
What I mean is "I love you,"
You're more than the world to me,
I'm so thankful for all you do.

When I wish you "happy birthday,"
It's because you make me proud,
Now that I've put down these words,
I just want to scream them out loud.

By Kevin Nishmas

Another year has passed,
It's your birthday once more,
You should feel very special,
And let your spirit soar.

Celebrate every moment,
There's no time to be blue,
Today is your birthday,
Today is all about you.

May you always find joy,
North, south, east and west,
Happy, happy birthday to you,
I wish you the very best.


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Birthday Poems

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Happy birthday poem for Sister: Each & every sister holds very much for his brother because bro is the first friend is considered to be a sister, just as whenever you face any problems, your sister gives you a chance to show you the way, to deal with that problem.

That is why you should also tell your sister how much she holds for you, for which you can make your sister feel special after using the Happy birthday poem for Sister given below.

Just as your sister sends you a wonderful message to make you feel special on your birthday, in the same way, you also send a poem out of 'Happy Birthday poem for Sister' touching the heart below on your sister's birthday, Will be happy and thank you.


Sometimes we bicker, and sometimes we fight

But you’re still my beacon, my guiding light

When I feel bad, and want to close up shop,

You’re always right there, to live me up.

Happy birthday poem for Sister Image


Here’s to the one who was my first friend, the one who pulls my hair and doesn’t care; the one who gives me advice about how to live life, the one who taught me all about sharing yet still isn’t fair. Today is your birthday my dearest darling sister, and I wish you much happiness all the days of the years. Happy Birthday, Sis, I love you.


Fire trucks are red, blueberries are blue I am your brother and you are my sister. Today is your birthday the day you were born. Even though we are different in so many other ways you will always be my sister and that will never ever sway. So hey, sis, I love you to the moon and back, I love you till the stars go black. Happy Birthday, Sis.


Happiness is what makes the world go round, happiness is what makes the world back down. Today on your birthday we want you to know that you make us happier than the stars in the sky, our dear sister we love you so much, happy birthday.


A piece of my heart

A pillar of the family

A portion of my life

Literally, a slice of me

Not just a sister

My BFF, my bestie

You have always been

And you will always be

Happy birthday


You know, some people aren’t as lucky as us

They and their siblings do nothing but fuss

Not we, though, oh no.

We never did fight over silly things like

Shoes and boys

Or quibbled about sharing our favorite toys

Hand me downs are a gift, doesn’t everybody know?

And who wouldn’t want to bring their tag-along kid sister to the picture show?

I know you’ll agree because it’s easy to see

The two of us, are the best sisters to ever be!

Happy Birthday!


Someone, who’s been with me always

Someone, who’s seen me at my worst

Someone, who’s always got my back

Someone, who when I’m sad, will know first

Someone, who knows what makes me tick

Someone, who can sense when I’m in doubt

Someone, who believes in me no matter what

Someone, who knows me inside out

That someone, I often take for granted

That someone is an angel in disguise

A friend, a mother and much more

She is my sister, my life’s biggest prize

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Poem For Sister Image


To my sister and my best friend

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am

To be able to call you my sister

No one else can warm my heart as you do

We share a bond like none other

And give white hair to our poor mother

We cry we laugh, we fight like crazy

But you never cease to amaze me

Sister today, and every day, I wish you happiness, love, and joy.


Even though, we always fight

And I gotta admit, sometimes you are prolly right

Yes, I won’t deny, we always argue

Most of the times, it’s me vs you

But hey, no matter who’s right or wrong

I’ll always be there to sing your birthday song

Through thick and thin, through highs and lows

I promise I’ll never let anyone dim your glow

Happy birthday sis


You are the first friend to me, my sis

I also admit we fight a lot

but it is also true that I love so much

happy birthday my sweet sis.


sometimes we fight,

sometimes we help,

sometimes we cry a lot

but this time I have to tell you







Happy birthday, sis.

Happy birthday poem for Sister Image


Today you are the sun and the

the world revolves around you

Because it is your birthday and me

hope it is as special as you

Since I cannot be there with you,

remember the fun we had on past


I wish you a happy birthday today

kid sister


Happy birthday to my favorite


May your day be filled with


You should get the cake you want

along with that party

I wish you a great and wonderful


My favorite and beautiful sister


Just like yesterday, I changed your

diapers, I rocked you when you

cried so loud in the middle of the

night and mom was tired and I did

your homework with you. Now, you

have become a beautiful independent

damsel with a voice so soothing to

the ear. Happy birthday baby Sister


You have always been

My inspiration

Don’t ever stop giving me

A daily dose of motivation

I fall flat on my face

When I try to be like you

Maybe I should realize

Cool cats like you are few

Happy birthday sis


As the word “sister” has six letters

so is the word “beauty”. The beauty

queen of the house, it is your day.

The sun rose so beautifully this

morning because it is your day and

at night, I know there will be many

stars in the sky to grace your day.

Make sure you have all the fun you


Happy birthday to the sister

Who is now a teen

Oh, and also the world’s

Biggest drama queen

Dull would be life without you

Like paint without its sheen

Thank you, for being

My life’s happiness machine


My smiles, my laughs

You are my happiness

Always there for me

You take away my stress

My friend, my buddy

You are all things nice

My sister, my sunshine

You are my life’s prize

Happy birthday


A heart of love and kindness,

A gentle hand to hold,

Memories shared and remembered,

Stories and secrets told.

A bond that’s rare and special,

It truly has no end,

Not only are you my sister,

But also my life-long friend.

Have A Happy Birthday

Happy birthday poem for Sister Image


Remember when we built a fort,

And dancing under the stars?

And baked some tasty cookies,

And rode unicorns to Mars?

And now that we are older,

Come have some cake and tea,

To celebrate your birthday,

And spend some time with me.

Hope You Enjoy Your Special Day


My dearest sister, I sing to you Another birthday song

About the years that are leaping by

and our bond is growing strong.

I love you most, my sweetest sister,

when we spend the time,

to help each other over mountains

that together we must climb.

Another year has come to pass,

but wither we never will,

because the heart that we share

between us,

is beating ever still.

Happy Birthday, Sister!


The way you motivate me and help me out

Keeps me on my toes, up and about

The way you show me love and care

Shows me how important it is to share

The way you make sacrifices for me

Teaches me how from troubles, one should never flee

The way you are always there to give me a lift

Reminds me to get you an awesome birthday gift

Happy birthday sis


As children, we used to dream

of how wonderful life would be

when we had finally grown older

we thought we’d be stronger, bolder.

Now here you are, a woman now,

with gifts and graces endowed.

Happy birthday, sister dear –

you’ve done it all, so have a great year.


Birthdays are a time for rest

and merriment.

So pour your favorite drink,

kick off your shoes,

and lounge around

and stop worrying for once.

Today is your day –

enjoy it.

Happy birthday poem for Sister Image


A sister shares more

Then family and blood

But secrets and smiles

And laughter and love

And as you grow older

So does our bond

Unbreakable, solid

From birth to beyond

Happy birthday poem for Sister Image


Dearest sister

I’ve watched you grow throughout the years

Through endless laughter and countless tears

Always reliable and by my side

I’m glad I’ve got you along for the ride

We’ve been together through and through

My dearest sister,

I love you

Happy Birthday


Sisters are special

But mine is the best

Whose smile could put

The stars’ shine to the test

With another gone

And another year older

Another year’s here

For her brightness to smolder


Sometimes we fight like angry cats who scratch

Sometimes we act as if we are the perfect match

Sometimes we laugh like there is no tomorrow

Sometimes we cry as if our lives are full of sorrow

Sometimes we love each other dearly

Sometimes we hate each other severely

Thanks for all these ups and downs

Without them, I wouldn’t have learned to smile and frown

I love you, is what I want to say

Wishing my dear sister a happy birthday


Dear sister…

A tweet on Twitter

A post on Facebook

A pin on Pinterest

And on Instagram, your best look

A sweet greeting card

A cute handwritten note

A gift, of course

And a heartfelt quote

All this and a lot more

Is what I’m going to do

To wish a very




Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday poem for Sister Image


A sister, like no other

A sister, better than a brother

A sister, so clever

A sister, problem solver

A sister, so loving

A sister, always caring

A sister, so sweet

A sister, my heartbeat

Happy birthday


Dear Sister,
I love you so; you’re the greatest around, you know?
Dear Sister,
You do so much; you have a special touch.
Dear Sister,
The best way to repay you is the only way I know how; with a card and a kiss, right here and now!
Happy Birthday!


To my sister and my best friend
I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am
To be able to call you my sister
No one else can warm my heart as you do
We share a bond like none other
And give white hair to our poor mother
We cry we laugh, we fight like crazy
But you never cease to amaze me
Sister today, and every day, I wish you happiness, love, and joy.


Today you are the sun and the
the world revolves around you
Because it is your birthday and I
hope it is as special as you
Since I cannot be there with you,
remember the fun we had on past
I wish you a happy birthday today
kid sister


Years ago on this day
I was introduced to you next to
mom’s hospital bed
As you celebrated your birthdays
I saw you grow from a cute little girl
to a beautiful woman
Sister, I hope your birthday is
amazing as you

This is Best Birthday Prayer For Sister

Happy Birthday Poem


My best friend is my sister,
We fight and we bicker
But we always help each other,
And stick together
When times get rough and tough,
I can always count on my best friend, to cheer me up


Queen of the house!!! Today is just for you.
So as a queen that you are, give your wish and it will be my command.
Do not let anyone treat you less than the queen you are.
Happy birthday priceless jewel, Happy birthday baby Sister.


Dear sister
I could talk about all the good times
That we’ve had together
But then I’d never stop talking
Today is about you and I hope you never forget
How much we all love you
And wish you another great year
With lots of memories and little fear.


Oh I remember, how we used to fight endlessly
As if we were destined to be enemies
Yet through the years, with you I share
Some of life’s best memories
We may fight and argue like cats and dogs
But no one can keep me sane as you do
Nothing in the whole world, nothing at all
Can come close to the bond I have with you
Going through life’s manic phases
In words, I just cannot be described
To see me through all the tough times
A sister like you is what fate prescribed.


Little Sister
Short and sweet,
Just like a doll,
She is so sweet,
I love her a lot.
She keeps smiling,
Just like an angel,
I love her very much,
I love her a lot.

This is Awesome birthday msg For Sister...

Happy Birthday Sister Poems


Remember when we built a fort,

And dancing under the stars?

And baked some tasty cookies,

And rode unicorns to Mars?

And now that we are older,

Come have some cake and tea,

To celebrate your birthday,

And spend some time with me.

Hope You Enjoy Your Special Day


Sis, you and me

Are meant to be

Always entwined with one another

Like you, there is no other

To such a soul sister I want to say

I love you and wish you a happy birthday


Happy birthday to my sister

So caring and strong

Your advice to me all these years

Has never been wrong.

This Is Awesome Birthday msg for Sister...

Funny Birthday Poems


Together, we share a room

Together, we let gossip bloom

Together, we look at the stars in the sky

Together, we laugh and cry

Together, we study and play

Together, we keep enemies at bay

Together, we learn and grow

Together, in happiness and sorrow

Happy birthday Sis...

101 Awesome Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister

300+ Birthday Status For Your Awesome Sister (You Loved it)

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Best Friend Poems, Best Friends, Birthday Verses, Friendship Poems, Best . SISTER SPIRITUAL POEMS | Wish FourHizGlory a Happy Birthday - Page 3.

This birthday wish is coming to you
And I want to acknowledge all that you do

But first let me tell you how this poem came to be
I had some trouble this morning, as you will soon see

I went into town to get a birthday card
But dang it, at home I had left my debit card

So I decided to write you this poem instead
The thought of going back to town had filled me with dread

You’ve loved your family from the very start
What you and mom have created can never be torn apart

You’ve always been there whenever I needed
You make me feel special by the way I am treated

You are my father for which I am glad
Without you in my life I would be truly sad

You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry
You’ve let me make my own decisions because you knew I had to try

For you as a father I have no complaint
I love you to pieces, but I know you’re no saint

I cherish the closeness that we now share
I want you to know how very much I care

You are the gift that was given to me
Your love for me is truly the key

To sum it all up, just let me say
I love you, I love you, each and everyday
Happy Birthday

Birthday Poems

birthday wishes to a friend poems

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Birthday Poems for Best Friends: Forget the lame one-liners – a greeting card for your BFF’s birthday should be packed with super cute rhymes and short poems. Just think of all the sweet memories and funny moments of your friendship and pen them down, line after line and weave it up into a rhyme. Take a selfie with your poem and post it up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Spend the whole day pestering your bae with wishes and messages on text, WhatsApp and what not! Follow it up with a nice gift, hugs and a party that you both will remember for a lifetime.


1) I can’t change the past

Nor do I want to

Every day is a new start

When spent with you

A beautiful journey

A road with no end

Is what life is, when

Lived with a real friend

Happy Birthday


2) I’ve spoken many lies

I’ve broken many promises

I’ve picked up many fights

I’ve given you bad memories

Yet, through this chaos

By my side, you’ve stood strong

Backing me all the time

Even when you know I was wrong

What did I do to deserve

Such a loyal friend, I have no clue

But one thing’s for sure, my life

Is nothing without you

Happy birthday


3) There’ve been fights aplenty

There’ve been massive arguments

There’ve been times when we didn’t talk

There’ve been dark moments

From smiles to tears

From happiness to strife

Friendship isn’t an easy ride, but I

Wouldn’t trade it for anything else in life



4) What I am today is not

My doing alone

There is another reason

For the way in which I’ve grown

How my life has shaped up

Owes itself to many things

One of them being you

A best friend, who’s given me wings

My life, is incomplete

Without your contribution

That’s my toast to you

On your birthday celebration

Happy birthday

5) Twitter, is where the celebs hang out

Facebook, is the most popular social network

Reddit, is the face of the internet

But you, make my life tick like clockwork

Instagram, is where the selfies are slaying it

Google, is where life’s answers are found

YouTube, is where stars of tomorrow are born

But you, are what makes my world go round

Happy birthday


6) Wishes made on birthdays

Always come true

That is why I wish

The very best for you

I hope that you achieve

Everything you seek

There should never be a moment

In your life, sad or bleak

I wish that you soar to new heights

And wade into uncharted territory

For you know well, that you can

Always fall back on me

Happy birthday


7) Our friendship, has no shape

It can’t be measured with a tape

Our friendship, flows like water

It adapts according to, situation and matter

Our friendship, tastes like cake

It is sweet, cute and never fake

Our friendship, feels genuine and true

Here’s wishing, a happy birthday to you


8) On your birthday, I want to make a promise

Any celebration of your life, I will never miss

I also want to let you know

During tough times, I will never ever let go

I also want to express

That I wish you nothing but success

And no matter where I am, come what may

I’ll always drop by, to say Happy Birthday


9) Been through a lot in life

We have, together

Not a single regret I have

Not now, not never

Best Friends, meant to be

Is what we really are

Through good times and bad

You’re my life’s brightest star

Happy birthday


10) Best friends help each other shine

And listen to each other whine

Best friends help each other heal

And share all that they feel

Best friends have each other’s back

To keep each other’s lives on track

Best friends, are a pair in a million

In my life, you are the chosen on

Happy birthday


11) Whenever I felt down in the dumps

You reminded me of my worth

Of fun, happiness and smiles

You’ve never created a dearth

Whenever I felt that the world

Was weighing down upon me

You reminded me to laugh

And take things lightly

Whenever anything was wrong

You reminded of things that were right

No matter how dark a storm life throws

I can never have you, out of my sight

Happy birthday


12) With you by my side

A dark night becomes a bright dawn

Without you, even the best of days

Become boring and full of yawns

Your effect on my life

Is way too profound to describe

All I know is that best friends like us

Are a very rare tribe

Happy birthday

13) Nothing in life, nothing ever

Last forever

As bitter as it may sound

It’s a fact, that will change, never

I know, there will come a day

When our lives will drift apart

But no matter what, destiny will

Always give us a new start

Such is the indestructible faith

That I have in you, my friend

For eternity, together we will be

Even if time itself, comes to an end

Happy birthday


14) I love being your best friend

It is the easiest thing to do

I just have to be myself

And do all the cool stuff with you

Hanging out with you is awesome

It drives my worries away

May all your dreams come true

Is my wish on your birthday


15) One more birthday

One more reason

Yet another motive

One more occasion

One more sweet cause

Another special event

One more instance

Yet another special moment

To celebrate our friendship

And our togetherness

May the coming year

Bring you lots of happiness

Happy birthday


16) May we never fight

Regardless of wrong and right

May we never separate

Through quarrels or through fate

May we never play the blame game

Between best friends, that is too lame

May we always be together

Forever, supporting each other

These promises, we must make

To each other, before we cut the cake

So we can be best friends for life

Striding through bliss as well as strife

Happy birthday

17) A beautiful morning, bright and cheery day

Just watching the wind, making all the trees sway

A tranquil sunset, after a breezy afternoon

Weather, just right, to hum a lovely tune

Such amazing feelings, to my life, you bring

Deep within, my soul wants to dance and sing

Happy birthday


18) It was always in my destiny

To be your friend, not your enemy

Fate had already decided for us both

To like each other, never loathe

Best friends, we were meant to be

You are my life, can’t you see?

Happy birthday


19) Without you, my life

Would have been a bore

Not having anyone to share stuff with

Would have made me feel sore

Because of you

I look forward to each day

Hoping to hang out together

In the sun, aimlessly lay

In the true sense, you are

My best friend forever

I hope that life never keeps

Us apart from each other



20) The reason behind my smile

Is not money or success

The reason behind my smile

Is not promotion or progress

The reason behind my smile

Is not a new car or a new dress

The real reason behind my smile

Is you, my bestie, I confess

Happy birthday

21) The meaning of friendship

The world thinks that it knows

But it’s only me and you

Who know the real highs and lows

Everyone thinks that being best friends

Is a matter of fun and games

What they don’t know is that it’s a mix

Of laughs, fights, smiles and blames

But I am proud that we have stood

The test of time and won

Without you as my best friend

My life would have come undone

Happy birthday


22) We are friends for a reason

We have lasted through every season

Through times good and bad

Whether we were happy and sad

Unshakeable, despite a rough past

The test of time, our friendship will last

I’ll always be there for you, I want you to know

No matter what, happiness will always flow

Happy birthday


23) Best friends like you

Are more precious than gold

Our bond is so strong

All kinds of troubles it can withhold

Wishing a happy birthday

To my bae, to my dearest friend

With this poem

Lots of love and hugs I send


24) I don’t believe that best friends never fight

I believe it is exactly, what they’re meant to do

I don’t believe that friendship is perfect

It’s always about, compromises to go through

I don’t believe in many such stereotypes

Or any such labels or cliché

All I know is that I am that true friend

By your side, who will always stay

Happy birthday

25) Best Friends Forever

Is the only way to describe us

We get along with each other

Without any problems or fuss

Our friendship is like time

It will never have an end

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Except have you as my best friend

Happy birthday


26) A friend brings light into life

A best friend brings a halo

A friend makes life shine

A best friend brings a glow

A friend brings fun and happiness

A best friend makes life worthy

For blessing me with such a friend

I thank the Almighty

Happy birthday


27) Best friends like you

Are a treasure chest

In your company I can put

All my worries to rest

With you, nights turn into parties

And days turn into fun fests

Have an awesome birthday

For you, I wish the best


28) As my best friend

You are entitled to

An awesome gift

From me to you

As your best friend

I am entitled to

An awesome party

To me from you


29) Everything under the sun

We have always talked about

For each other we have

Been there without a doubt

Everything under the roof

We both have gone through

You have been there with me

And I have supported you

No other anecdotes

To you I need to narrate

Our friendship in itself

Is a reason to celebrate

Happy birthday


30) It’s selfie time

Let’s look in the camera and say cheese

It’s party time

Let’s make some awesome memories

It’s celebration time

Let’s spend the night away

It’s that amazing time

When we celebrate your birthday


Good friends deserve great birthday wishes. You can write one of these birthday poems in a card for your friend on their birthday. Better yet.

Birthday Poems for Friends

Birthday Poems

Share our birthday poems with that someone special who is celebrating their birthday. When just a Happy Birthday is not enough why not share a verse or two. The messages in these poems are inspiring, and encouraging.

Birthdays are a day to be recognized and celebrated. It is one thing that we all have in common. And while some people regret the years passing by, others look forward to what the new year brings. Let these verses bring well wishes and happiness to celebrate the day!

Another Year
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

Another year has passed
A birthday for you is in store
May you find this coming year
Be one with lots of open doors.

Follow your dreams
Remember you can achieve
All that you dream
Whatever your mind can conceive

So this poems brings
wishes for you
in hopes that the coming year
is filled with things you love to do.

Birthday Wishes For A Best Friend

A Heartfelt Wish
Poet: Kate Summers, ©2017

This heartfelt wish is just for you
Today is your special day
May all the dreams you do pursue
Be realized in every way.

A special person you are to me
You deserve the best of everything
So may this birthday and the coming year be
One that offers you the best that life may bring.

Wishing You
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

Wishing you much happiness, dear
On this special day
And for the coming year
May blessings come your way.

Be thankful for each day you have
Thank God in heaven above
Fill your life with happy not sad
Remember you are loved.


We Want You To Know
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

Happiness you do bring
To those who love you so

If we could give you anything
We want you to know:

We wish much happiness for you
In everything you do.

And always remember we love you
No matter what you do

May all your wishes come true this year
Because to us you are very dear.

A Birthday Wish
by Catherine Pulsifer, ©2017

This Birthday wish is just for you,
And I hope it comes true:

B   e yourself, we love and appreciate you
I   magine and achieve all you can be
R   elax this day and celebrate another year
T   ake time to look after you, you are so dear
H   umor, never lose your sense of humor
D   etermination you do have that great quality
A   ttitude, yours is positive and felt by others
Y   esterday is gone, tomorrow is not here, live today and enjoy the year.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Time Goes By
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

The years go by so fast
It seems like only yesterday
We had a birthday splash
And now a full year has again gone past.

Time goes by and then we see
How the years just seem to fly by
I know that you agree with me
It is a fact of life we can't deny

So live this year
Be all that you can be
As we will turn around
And next year will be here.

The Passing Years

Poet: Edward Tuck

Age is a quality of mind:
If you have left your dreams behind,
If hope is lost,
If you no longer look ahead,
If your ambition's fires are dead,
Then you are old.

But if from life you take the best
And if in life you keep the jest,
If love you hold,
No matter how the years go by,
No matter how the birthdays fly,
You are not old.

Here Is A Wish
Poet: John McLeod

Here is a wish that says:
Warm, happy hours be yours
Shadows are of passing note
But healing laughter cures.
Be, therefore, ever joyful, Friend,
And walk on gladsome feet
Towards tomorrow's brand new dawn
And promise sweet!

Hard To Believe
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

It's hard to believe you are celebrating another birthday
It was only yesterday your life was full of play
Now here you are with accomplishments in life
And your attitude is one without strife
We are so proud of you
We wish you success in all you do.
So on this day we wish you well
We think you are special and oh, how swell!

As I Grow Old
Poet: Arnold West

God, keep my heart attuned to laughter
when youth is done;
when all the days are gray days, coming after
The warmth, the sun.
God keep me then from bitterness, from
When life seems cold;
God keep me always loving and believing
As I grow old.

Inspirational Prayers

Another Year
Poet: Theodore W. Higginsworth © 2017

Another birthday, another year
May you have problems that disappear
May you have health
And a bit of wealth
May you share
With those who care
May the coming year
Be one of good cheer.

Age Is Not To Be Feared
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer© 2017

Another birthday, another year
Remember though that age is not to be feared
You are just achieving your prime
Here's to your health and living a long time

As they say, be happy, don't worry
Enjoy your life and don't be in a hurry
We take this opportunity to wish you
Happiness in all you do.

We appreciate your caring
Your always willingness for sharing
Thank you, for being you
We love you and all you do.


The Happiest Age
Poet: Wilhelmina Stitch

What age is happiest?
Had you asked me,
I would have made this plea:
the Now is best.

What joy to live with zest each newborn day;
and from the Moment wrest what Life will give away.
The Past is but a guest who came and went,
and left this one behest: to be content.

Think how To-day is blest!
We've eyes to see Nature in Beauty drest for you, for me.
What matter that the crest of Youth is past.
Youth lives within the breast with joys that last.
The will to do our best, and hands for giving.
Oh! Now's the happiest, best time for living!

What age is happiest?
Oh! hear my vow, for I have put the test -
the happiest's Now.
Sweet sighs and kindly jest for warmth and cheer;
and Love's most high bequest to crown the year.

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2015

I think of aging as a gift, a privilege to enjoy,
Not as space or empty time that’s easy to destroy.
Years of toil are history now, your strength is almost spent,
But all the days still left to you are surely heaven sent.

You now have time to reminisce, to think of years gone by;
Remembering all the things you've done and now you wonder "Why?"
You stop and think and want to know why youth so quickly flew,
Time then was brief, just fleeting by; so much left up to you.

And now your family's grown and gone, they're scattered, far away;
And as you ponder on the past you feel alone each day.
But I know one sweet promise to those who are God's own,
“I’ll always walk beside you, you’re never left alone."

Your prayers aren't left unanswered, there's still much you can do;
Consider interceding for folks who need Him too.
When folks feel lost and lonely, greet them with a smile,
And give them the assurance that life is still worthwhile.

You're still here for a reason, so do the best you can;
You have God-given talents that fit into His plan.

Happy Birthday Poems

Thinking Of You
Poet: Theodore W. Higginsworth, ©2017

Thinking of you today with love
Your a special person who gives us much pleasure
We thank God above
As He sent us a special treasure.

May this year bring you
Success and happiness in all you do
A very Happy Birthday
Is our wish for you!

21st Birthday Quotes plus 30th, 40th, 50th

A Very Happy Birthday
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

A very Happy Birthday to you
Don't let your age make you feel blue
Another year older and wiser you are
You should feel like a shining star.

Age is just a number you see
What's important is for you to be
Loving and living each day with glee
And celebrating for all to see.

So be happy with this special day
We hope this card which is sent your way
Will make you realize you lucky you are
To have live your life so long this far.

Best wishes and kisses we do send
Over the miles and around the bend
A happy, happy day to you
We are celebrating with you too.

Happy Birthday Cuz

The Best of Birthdays
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

Wishing you the best of birthdays
May the coming year be special in all ways
Your age makes us realize how time has flew
It was just like yesterday that you were two.

We wish you happiness and health
And never forget that the important things are not wealth
Be happy don't be blue
Happy Birthday, we love you.

Happy Birthday
Poet: Theodore W. Higginsworth, ©2017

My wish for you on this special day
Is that the coming year goes well
And may life treat you great in all the ways
That my wishes and words can't tell.

Behind you now is yesterday
Let your experience and knowledge pave the way
Here's to you and to your success
We know you will give it your best.

So happy, happy birthday
We wish you many more
and on this day to you we say
We know life has good things in store

Happy Birthday Sister

Wishing You
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer© 2017

Here is a birthday wish for you
One that is loving, happy and true
A wish for happiness and best things
The coming year to you will bring.

Today I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday
A day filled with every pleasure
And may your future be as happy
As all the memories you treasure.

Happy Birthday Sister In Law

My Sister
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer© 2018

My sister, my friend it's your birthday today
I send you this verse on this, a special day:
Roses are red, violets are blue
A very Happy Birthday is wished for you!

More Happy Birthday Sister Poems

Funny Birthday Poems

To Age
Poet: Unknown

To age to age! Why does anyone care?
As the wrinkles grow longer,
And grey graces your hair.

Life should be simple,
Because when push comes to shove,
The only one counting is the good Lord above!

Poet: Unknown

Metallic Age
Poet: Unknown

To the "metallic" age
Gold in our teeth,
Silver in our hair,
And lead in our pants.

Another candle on your cake?
Well, that's no cause to pout.
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow the candle out!

Funny Birthday Quotes

Short Birthday Poems

Another year older,
Just look at it this way.
You're only one day older,
Than you were yesterday.
Poet Unknown

Happy birthday to you,
And many to be,
With friends who are true,
As you are to me.
Poet Unknown

We wish you joy on your birthday,
And all the whole year through.
For all the best that life can hold,
Is none to good for you.
Poet Unknown

birthday wishes to a friend poems

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If you could define your best friend in the dictionary Occasion: Valentines, Galentines or just for the heck of it Includes: 1 card and envelope; Choose from blank.

birthday wishes to a friend poems
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